Sample Preschool Package

Three and four years old are bursting with energy and enthusiasm for learning about the world around them. It’s a great time to engage them in books about their burgeoning interests. Whether’s it’s dinosaurs, dragons, ocean life, animals, mermaids, or robots, you can give a child you love with twelve books that will help them continue to grow in their love of reading, stories and learning.

This sample pack includes a wide array of global, STEAM, singalong and social-emotional learning books. At $100 for twelve books, buying this as A Year of Books package would save almost $25 over purchasing the titles individually.

Your bundle will contain a different mix of books based on the input you provide. This is truly personalized service! To get started, please fill out this form.

December: Let’s Celebrate

From India to Japan to Russia to Nigeria, preschoolers will love learning how children around the world celebrate 13 special holidays.

January: Skip through the Seasons

This charmingly illustrated seek-and-find book will take children through the months of the year and visually remind them how nature changes with the passing of the year.

February: The Story Tree: Tales to Read Aloud

Seven folk tales from around the world in one volume. From the humorous “Monkey See Monkey Do” to the charming “Magic Porridge Pot” these tales will be often requested as read alouds.

March: The Animal Boogie

Shake, swing and boogie through the jungle with leopards, monkeys, elephants and a diverse cast of kids. A popular Barefoot singalong, this comes with an animated CD to listen or watch along. Singalongs are great for building literacy skills and for getting kids moving.

April: A Gift for Amma

A young girl explores a vibrant rainbow of sights in an Indian market as she searches for the perfect present for her amma. The illustrations in this book are a real knock-out.

May: Herb the Vegetarian Dragon

“You can’t be different in the dragon world and survive.” That’s what other dragons tell Herb, the only dragon in forest who doesn’t eat meat. But Herb is determined to stay true to himself. A favorite!

June: I Could Be, You Could Be

Launch your child’s pretend play into overdrive with this story of imaginative play.

July: Out of the Blue

Wordless picture books build visual literacy, start family conversations and help your child become a storyteller. The beautiful art in this picture book is an enchanting depiction of exploring the seashore after a storm.

August: Home for a Penguin, Home for a Whale

After exploring the seashore last month, it’s time to take your child under the sea to meet 23 marine animals and learn about their habitats.

September: Ruby’s School Walk

Getting nervous on the first day of school is a universal childhood experience. Like Ruby’s mom, this book will help your child navigate their anxiety as they prepare for school.

October: My Panda Sweater

When her favorite sweater with panda bear ears no longer fits, a young girl decides to donate it. But the sweater and the young girl will meet again when a new classmate comes to school

November: Dinosaur Rap

Round out the year with another singalong. Get kiddos dancing and stomping with some fun dino friends.

Sample Preschool Package

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