A new blogging adventure

When I was a kid, I dreamt of becoming a writer. Obviously, this meant sitting at a desk penning novels, like Beverly Cleary or Ann M. Martin (the height of literary achievement in my 9 year old world). Little did I know that being a writer can take many forms. Rachel Carson once said that she always wanted to be a writer and when she discovered science, she found what she wanted to write about. Now I am no Rachel Carson for sure, but I have discovered two topics that I am passionate enough about to write: books and babies. So I’ll be expanding this blog to include occasional posts about life with new babies and postpartum parenting.

Also, as of this month, I am blogging at Seacoast Moms. In fact, my first article is now there. It’s a topic near and dear to my heart: supporting new parents postpartum.

I remember every kind thing someone did for me when I was postpartum. I remember my mom basically moving in with us for months to help with the twins. I remember the friend who brought us Christmas dinner, the one who brought a huge pack of diapers and a whole cooler full of food and the one who gave us burritos to put in the freezer for later. I smile every time I think of the generous ones who held the babies so we could catch a nap and the dear one who travelled across the country and kept me company for all my overnight feedings one weekend. We were pretty hungry and tired at the beginning. Twins will do that to you. We also felt pretty isolated given the logistics of taking two babies out and about during a long, cold New Hampshire winter.

Our need for support lessened as the weeks, month and years went by, but it didn’t disappear. I recently cried real tears of gratitude when a neighbor donned a mask and took my kids for a walk. Having a whole hour of quiet was rejuvenating.

Covid has taken a toll on all parents. Especially new parents. Isolation is more intense, support harder to find and anxiety is heightened. Which is why my article for Seacoast Moms offers tips and tricks to people who want to tangibly show their love and help out new parents during global pandemic. I hope you’ll read it. And then go find a parent to help!

A new blogging adventure

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